Contactless fare collection

On behalf of Caltrans, Cal-ITP can connect you with pre-approved contracts and competitive rates to help you modernize your transit system. We recommend creating an action plan for becoming GTFS-compliant before going contactless.

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To add contactless fare collection, you will need to procure up to three new technologies:

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Payment Processor

Back-end service that transmits fares from riders’ bank cards and smart devices to transit providers’ bank accounts.

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Mathematical symbols

Fare calculation software
(Transit Processor Services)

Recognizes riders’ unique payment methods and charges the best fare for each trip, accounting for applicable discounts and distance traveled. It also enables “fare capping,” meaning that riders who pay as they go receive the same benefits as pass holders once they reach the cap.

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A fare validation device

Fare validators
(Payment Acceptance Devices)

On-board or platform devices equipped with NFC and cEMV technology to read and validate riders’ contactless bank cards and smart devices.

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