State of California Contracts

The State of California has Master Service Agreements (MSAs) available to help you modernize your transit system. Click the contract number below to view all Master Service Agreement (MSA) documentation. If you need further assistance as you make your selections, you can get in touch with Cal-ITP.

Contract Category Product Vendor
5-22-70-22-02 Contactless Payment Payment Processor Fiserv 1
5-22-70-22-01 Contactless Payment Payment Processor Elavon 1
5-21-70-28-01 Contactless Payment Transit Processor INIT
5-21-70-28-04 Contactless Payment Transit Processor Bytemark
5-21-70-28-05 Contactless Payment Transit Processor Enghouse
5-21-70-28-06 Contactless Payment Transit Processor Littlepay
5-21-70-28-01 Contactless Payment Payment Acceptance Devices INIT
5-21-70-28-02 Contactless Payment Payment Acceptance Devices Kuba
5-21-70-28-03 Contactless Payment Payment Acceptance Devices SC Soft
CalNet Connectivity Data Plans Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile 1
NASPO Connectivity Data Plans FirstNet